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In 1985, Troy Huggett trained his first client and ever since then he has been studying under the best mentors and researching advanced training systems to gaurantee




One year after training his first client, Troy met Tasso Kiriakes who introduced him to the Nautilus Philosophy of Strength & Conditioning. The results of H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) have been astounding!  Not only have our clients reshaped their bodies, but they've experienced great improvements in attitude, self-esteem and confidence.



Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros programs are an accumulation of the research and experience of Dr. Ellington Darden, Wayne Westcott (Fitness Director, South Shore YMCA and national fitness authority), Tasso Kiriakes (Owner of Bodez by Tasso) and of course the staff of Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros.  As always, the foundation of this program is the education of our members in the achievement of positive lifestyle changes which contribute to long term health & fitness success.



The use of these tried and proven programs have propelled us to the top of the personalized fitness industry.  As we implement our ultimate programs, the Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros Team will work hard to motivate you to a higher level of fitness and a greater quality of life.  We welcome you to a whole new world of fitness success.


Yours In Health,




Troy Huggett, M.S.

ACE Master Trainer

IDEA Trainer of the year Finalist


Abdominal Abdominal  

Low_Back Low Back

Rotary Rotary


Adduction Abduction / Adduction

Leg_Extension Leg Extension 

Leg_Curl Leg Curl

 leg_press Leg Press


Chest_Press Chest Press


Pullover Pullover


Freedom_Trainer Freedom Trainer


Chin_ Chin / Dip


Lateral_Raise_w_Fatigue Lateral Raise

(All of our programs are tested on Animals!)

(No Animals were harmed in any of the testing of the programs)




back_room Heavy bag and other tools





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