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2 Weeks to a Tighter TUMMY!

(3x/wk - 2 weeks)






See what Bonnie has to say!


The most amazing results for such little time commitment! Just six (6) workouts, avg. 10 min workout time -


Avg 2 wk results:


  • 2 1/2 inches off the waist
  • 6 pounds of fat lost!


Sounds too good to be true - It's GUARANTEED!


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Hot Hips & Fabulous Thighs! (2 or 3x/wk)


Trim up to 5 inches off your thighs and shrink your hips up to 4 inches in just 4 wks. This proven program will sculpt & reshape your body beautifully! Get the body you've always wanted - NOW!





The 6-wk program that provides amazing fat loss around the middle. This proven program carves the waist into the best look you could ever ask for in just 6 weeks! Click here for all the details


Quit wasting time & start trimming YOUR waist NOW




32 days to a 32 inch Waist! (2 or 3x/wk)


Calling all Men: Have you been wanting to get back to a 32" waist - it's possible with this specialized personal training program. It's proven and we've seen as much as 5 1/2 inches shaved off in just 32 days. Don't delay - Make it happen TODAY!



10 CUBE (1x/wk)


No other program of it's kind in the WHOLE WORLD! Troy's specially designed - 1x/wk program has been under development and researched for the last 15 years. It has proven to produce a range of 4-10 pounds lost, 1-3% body fat reduction, 2-4 inches off the waist, and 1-3 inches off the thighs in JUST 4 (FOUR) workouts over a month. You read it right - 1 workout per week, for 4 weeks produces those results - proven and guaranteed!





This program takes the best of science and applies it to fitness and explodes your results, while reducing your training time. This is the only 12 min workout available - results GUARANTEED!


B.B.S.. is no BS, if you want results and you want them now, but you don't have hours to devote to training and you don't want to eat weird foods or eliminate your favorites, then B.B.S. is the plan for you.


12 mins, in - out, 1x/wk That's right the "to good to be true" program that is actually GUARANTEED!


Have the body you want - NOW!

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