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Does your Belly Bulge?   Does it hang over your Belt?

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Would you like to lose pounds & inches from your waistline? 

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Dr. Ellington Darden’s highly successful Breakthrough Plan for the Look you Want in Just 6 WEEKS!

In Dr. Darden’s research for A Flat Stomach - ASAP, he found that the averages for the program were remarkable and exciting. 

Men lost an average of:

23 pounds of fat
4 inches off the waist
2 1/4 inches off the hips
3 1/2 inches off the thighs

Women lost an average of:

15 pounds of fat
3 1/2 inches off the waist
2 1/4 inches off the hips
4 inches off the thighs

TH Fitness Pros is looking for several individuals that are interested in achieving these results or better. 

The participants must be:

  • interested in SUCCESS!
  • Willing to WORK HARD!

If you answered yes to the above - Then call to reserve your spot right NOW! 269-967-6300 

If you’re tired of a BULGING BELLY - Jump in the best training program available @ TH Fitness Pros - 269-967-6300

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My goal is to exceed the results experienced by Dr. Darden and I believe we will. If you would like to experience incredible FAT Loss - call today! 

The Flat Stomach ASAP program is a Strength Training program - it is not a high volume aerobic program. This is a H.I.T. program that offers amazing results in less time and with less wear on the body! This is the philosophy of training we have used at THFP for 25 years, "Maximum Results in Minimum Time" is sooooo true @ THFP. 

The Details:

This is a 15-30 min training time!

Balanced - Portion Controlled meal plans - no weird foods or restrictions

No additional activity required or allowed in the research project - we are proving the impact of just 12 workouts spread over a 6 week period. 

Everything you need for success is including: 

  • All Testing, Measurements, etc that you choose to have done
  • 6 weeks of Personal Coaching
  • 6 weeks of Personal Fitness Training (2x/wk)
  • All Meal Planning 

Call to book your time today: 269-967-6300

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"Flat Stomach ASAP" w/ THFP

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