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Steve & Karen Parshall - Busy Parents and Professionals took the Body By Science Challenge and won big!


Here is their take on the program in their own words:


“With Troy's training, less than 15 minutes - once a week, you will get great results with little effort, if you follow his guidelines. We look and feel better and our clothes fit much better. Less than 15 minutes, once a week worked great for our schedule. This really is a great program.”


Karen and Steve Parshall


Results in 4 workouts, less than 15 mins each - total training time 43 mins for the whole MONTH


Karen -                                                                      Steve -

Fat - 6.5 pounds lost                                               Fat - 9.25 pounds lost

Waist - 1.25 inches lost                                          Waist - 1 inch lost

Body Fat - 1.4% lost                                                Body Fat - 1.7% lost


Body By Science is the most effective & efficient program ever developed. If you have ever complained that there isn't time to workout = your excuse has just been eliminated. 


Body By Science requires 12 mins, 1x/wk and it WORKS!!!! 


It sounds ridiculous! There is NO way you can get any significant fitness or fat loss with an exercise program that requires less than 1 hour per month. That's right it's only 48 mins for the WHOLE month! This isn't per WEEK - it's per month. 

You will only workout 1x/wk for 12 mins each session. It sounds so RIDICULOUS that we GUARANTEE it! The only thing you have to lose in this program is FAT! 


If you want to lose FAT, INCHES, WEIGHT, and reshape your body and fitness and you don't think you have time - jump on board with the THFP Body By Science program and guarantee your results! 


This is the only personal training program in Battle Creek that offers this program and we

have proven it countless times over the past 25 years! 


Call now to register: 269-967-6300 or click below to reserve your spot in this one of a kind personal training workout! 


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