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Monday, 13 October 2014 13:53

Black Friday Gift Card Special Discount program

Written by TH
  SAVE 75% off of a
  Fitness Pros Gift Card! 

This card can be used on any Fitness Program at Fitness Pros, including:

"Battle Creek Boot Camp",

"23 Min to your Perfect Body!" 

"One on One Training"

Get & Give a $20 Gift Card to Fitness Pros - but pay only $5

$20 of Fitness Value for JUST $5.00 (FIVE BUCKS) 
Click now to get 75% off of the best gift possible - the Gift of Health! 

or you can pick up your 75% discounted gift card at Fitness Pros with Check or Cash! 
"MAXIMUM RESULTS in Minimum Time" 

*Cards available for use by First time clients only
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 02:24

Battle Creek weight loss challenge

Written by TH

Welcome to the Fitness Pros

31 Day Weight Loss Challenge


This Challenge is designed to work with SERIOUS ppl looking to achieve success (and get paid) through healthy living, proper eating and exercise - no whacky, hyped up, sales pitches for unneccesary products - this is real food, real exercise -


So if you are looking for hokey hype - this is not it!


If, on the other hand, you are willing to eat REAL food, a balanced diet, and doing intense - real exercise - then welcome! 




1. NO Weight loss supplements!

2. You MUST exercise - you choose the appropriate amount and type! 

3. You MUST eat a healthy, balanced diet. - you control the foods!

4. YOU select the amount of weight you want to lose in the next 31 days! Submit it to the Fitness Pros team! 

5. The goal weight loss needs to be a realistic amount, min 6 lbs for the 31 days (safe, effective weight loss is 1-3 lbs per week)

(if you need to lose less than 6 lbs and want to participate with us - contact Troy @ 269-967-6300 to discuss your participation)

6. Submit Weekly weigh-ins to the Fitness Pros Staff!


7. Those who successfully attain their desired weight in the 31 days will be eligible for a piece of the CASH Pot!


8. The Entry fee is $20 for Fitness Pros / BCBC clients and $30 for non-clients 

Weight Loss Challenge



BONUS Benefit for taking it to the next level:   TRAIN TROY............

Every winner of the challenge, who loses a bigger percentage of Bodyweight than your Trainer = Troy Huggett, M.S., gets a chance to TRAIN TROY!*


Here's to your AMAZING RESULTS!!!! 


*details/restrictions apply

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 21:04

Balance / Fall Prevention

Written by TH

How's your BALANCE? 


Would you like to avoid FALLING? 


What you’ll receive in this one hour seminar:

  • Evaluation - individual needs development for a personal program
  • 3 Step protocol developed exclusively by Troy Huggett, M.S. & Madison Vaive
  • Personalized In-Home program to Increase BALANCE & reduce fall risk.


Just 1 (ONE) opportunity to get registered for this ONE DAY Seminar

  • Thur 7/10 - 6:00-7:00 PM


60% off Now

Regular price - $50………..Your cost with Coupon - $20


Pre-registration is required - no walk-ins


Thurs 7/10/14 - 6:00-7:00 PM

Monday, 02 December 2013 15:54

Two Weeks to a Tighter Tummy!

Written by TH

CONGRATS!!!! You did it!


  • Print this page 
  • Print your payment receipt
  • Call (269-967-6300) and schedule your appointment
  •  Bring this page and your payment receipt with you to your first appointment on your way to achieving the most amazing results in just 2 weeks!


2 weeks to a Tighter Tummy - Cyber Monday special! 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:32

Black Friday Gift Card Special

Written by TH

CONGRATS!!!! You did it! 


Print this page and your payment receipt and bring it to Fitness Pros / BCBC to pick up your gift card!

If you are unable to stop in, this paper copy and payment receipt will be accepted as your gift card! 





Merry Christmas & Thanks for your purchase!!!

I can't wait to get you "MAXIMUM RESULTS in Minimum Time" 





Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros, 395 South Shore Dr. Suite 101, Battle Creek, MI 49014 


Thursday, 14 November 2013 22:25

Countdown to Fitness

Written by TH







hourglass_figure_ The Hourglass figure is back!!!! 






 How Much will you LOSE?????????



2 weeks,

4 workouts,

6-8 lbs lost,

2.5 inches off the waist!


Dates: Dec - 3, 5, 10, 12

Time: 7 PM


This revolutionary strength training approach to weight loss and total body shaping will amaze you! If you'd like to lose weight, during the busiest (and most fat producing) time of the year, call 269-967-6300 - to schedule a phone interview to be included in Troy's latest reseach project for his next book!  



  • Desire to lose 6 or more pounds
  • Healthy & able to perform strength trainining exercises
  • Be willing to follow a regimented meal plan (with options)
  • NOT be interested in paying extra for pills, shakes or bars - this is a REAL food program with no excessive meal prep times or overhyped products. 
  • Be willing to do a before and after testimonial 
  • Excited to reshape your body!!!!! 


Call NOW 269-967-6300 to schedule your phone interview to see if you can qualify to be part of this exclusive research. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012 14:25

14-Day Bootcamp Fat Torch

Written by TH

14-Day Bootcamp

Fat Torch


Continue your fat loss w/ a 50% discount 

4 weeks (12 BCBC Sessions)

for just $67


FAT Torch - 4 Wks (12 Sessions) - Just $67 

Thursday, 12 April 2012 01:58

21 Day FAT LOSS Challenge

Written by TH

21 Day Beach Body FAT LOSS Challenge


The Details:

1. This is a realistic, LONG Term Program! 

2. It is designed to get you "Maximum Results in Minimum Time" and establish healthy habits, making weight loss permanent!

3. Official Weigh in @ Fitness Pros - Mon March 17 or 18 by appt for non THFP Clients! Existing Clients weigh in at your regularly scheduled workout on Mon or Tues.

4. You will recieve a Step by Step guide for the 21 day program to assure "Maximum Results in Minimum Time" 

5. Troy's personal cell phone # for additional consultation as needed. 

6. Regular tips, motivation, and updates from Troy throughout the 21 day program. 

7. You will earn $3 per pound lost up to 9 pounds ($3 x 9 = $27). From 10 pounds and up you will be paid $1 for each additional pound lost. (12 pounds lost - $3 x 9 = $27 +  $3 for the additional 3 pounds above 9 pounds = $30 total) 

8. 21 Days after the end of the program, a follow up weigh-in will be done with the chance to earn $2 per additional pound lost up to nine pounds. 


The program is designed to work with Personal Training, Group Class, and Boot Camp clients. You will have four meal choices to take advantage of:

1. The Fitness Pros proven lifestyle portion control program. 

2. A pre-written, dietition developed meal plan

3. Low Sodium meal plan

4. The MEAL MOVEMENT program. SAVE $21 as part of the 21 Day Challenge. Click for details


Your investment for the 21 day Challenge is just: 

$21 - Pay with PayPal button below or bring in check or cash to your next appointment. 


Monday, 10 October 2011 14:05

911 Fitness Tracking

Written by TH

AirCare__flag     THFP_LOGO_COLOR




911 Fitness 

Push Ups Sit Ups Mile Run  Weight Fat % BMI

Pre-Test 32 28 8:34 188.5 24.6 27
1 month Change
2 month Change
3 month Change
Pre-Test 35 33 6:46 114 14.5 19.6
1 month Change
2 month Change
3 month Change



























































Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros
395 South Shore Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014