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THFP clients speak about their experiences! 

Testimonials from the Amabassador Challenge!
Patricia W.

"I have participated in classes 3x/wk @ Fitness Pros for the past 3 years. In the past I have been a part of many different venues because exercise has always been part of my lifestyle.

I love the variety & change in the workout every month at Fitness Pros and enjoy the convenience of the location & times offered to fit it into my busy schedule. The atmosphere is FUN, POSITIVE and EDUCATIONAL. We are challenged to work hard to achieve & maintain results & a healthy lifestyle.

The best thing is the SHORT time commitment & the RESULTS I have been able to maintain!!! I have endurance, energy & ability to maintain a healthy weight." ~ Patricia W

"I have been at Troy's for several years. During this time I have been able to maintain strength and lose weight, but recently I’ve gained weight.

When he mentioned he was running a challenge for weight loss and fitness I felt now is the time to make an effort to lose weight. Since the start of the challenge I have lost 25 lbs. and 5 inches off my waist.

It is my plan to continue this effort and with Troy’s, and the group class support, I am sure that this time I will be successful." ~Chuck Merwin



"Deciding to work out and get fit was an easy decision but then deciding who to help me was hard. Then I called Fitness Pros and found the best place to help me achieve my goals.

I have seen great gains in so many areas of my life and health and experienced frustration. The good news is that Troy won't let me give up and he is constantly working on ways to help me achieve my goals and even help me find new goals I didn't even know I could achieve.

Calling Fitness Pros turned out to be a great decision and not hard at all."

~ Susan Miller


"I have been working out at Fitness Pros for a few years. Troy's fitness philosophy has made me physically stronger and I’ve lost weight.

With this, I have gained confidence to take my fitness to other levels. I have done triathlons and run several half marathons and a full marathon.

Thanks to Troy and Fitness Pros I feel better in my 40's than I did in my 20’s!"

~Chris Childers




"Fitness Pros is a great place to workout. I have participated in their individual training as well as group classes. Troy always pushes you to push yourself. I would suggest that you try some individual training before joining the group class. During individual training Troy worked one-on-one with me to show the correct way to get in shape and make the most of the workouts. The workouts are varied to help build muscle and maintain strength in all areas of the body. Because the workouts change, it keeps me from getting into a rut and I enjoy the change of pace every month. I have been able to lose weight, gain muscle and feel much better about myself. I always notice an increase in muscle and energy when I workout at Fitness Pros on a regular basis." ~Heather


More THFP clients speak about their experiences! 

Troy Huggett is truly an excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Troy you are KILLING me!") and warm ("Donna you are doing so well"), and he works with the whole person mentally and physically.

Because of Troy's efforts, I am stronger and more flexible . I have better balance, less inches, and less weight, and most importantly , working out has become more fun.

Because of the success of Troy's programs and my determination, I plan to give it 3 more months with Troy trying to "KILL" me! I would recommend Troy without reservation!!

~Donna Jaeger

Edie_Alt WOW! I'm totally impressed and so glad I stopped into Troy's studio just to "check it out!" After a quick conversation with me explaining what I hoped to accomplish, Troy had a plan in place! We also talked about an eating plan that would help me accomplish my goals. I have a Bow Flex at home that I didn't use mostly because I was intimidated by it. Troy helped me come up with a plan where I worked out on the Bow Flex one day a week, while working out in his studio twice a week. Troy helped me gain the confidence to use my BowFlex! Troy has given me the tools, knowledge, and motivation to continue on my own. I feel confident that next month at this time I'll be on track working out 5 days a week doing something. If I'm not, the door's always open to me at Troy's!   ~Edie Alt
After years of struggling, my weight is finally going down! My back no longer aches and I have more flexibility and energy. My blood and bone tests have returned to the normal range. All this is due to my 3x/wk personal training with THFP. I am a true Trim Body Challenge program success, losing 10 pounds on the program after experiencing a plateau in my weight loss. I like the Trim Body program because it plans out exactly what to eat and how much, while allowing great flexibility. The most valuable thing about the program is I'm learning better portion control.  In the past, I've tried various diet and exercise programs, but none have been as effective as THFP H.I.T. strength training & meal planning.  ~Carol Johnson
I started personal training with Troy Huggett Fitness Pros in January of 2010 and haven’t stopped since. I have belonged to gyms previously but have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now! Additionally, I have never been this dedicated and consistent with my work out program. I used to spend hours at the gym after work and now I am at Troy’s for 20 minutes feeling like I worked out for an hour. I never consider skipping like I previously would the gym. I am a working mom and this program fits perfectly for my life. I consider this training part of my routine and look forward to it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I love the encouraging and supportive environment. Troy and the THFP staff always make the workouts fun, but yet challenge me to my fatigue level.


Michole Leither



Chuck Merwin
Over the last 30 years I have tried several weight loss programs with limited success so when Troy mentioned that he was offering the THFP Trim Body Challenge as a way to lose weight I was somewhat skeptical. Because of my success with THFP Group Classes I decided to try to lose weight with this new program. When the material arrived I committed to this program. Mid way through the program my job required me to travel for one week. I stayed with the program the best I could considering I was entertaining during the week. At the end of the month I did not meet my personal goal of losing 20 lbs, but did lose 12 lbs. I am continuing to follow the meal plan as outlined in the guide book and my clothes are feeling loose. The past programs I have done have worked for me when I follow the meal plans that I purchase but they are not life changing. The Trim Body program has been Life Changing for me. I thank Troy for providing me this opportunity and look forward to much more success in the future. This program worked for me and I am sure it will work for many others that give it a chance.
heather_l_ I tried the Trim Body System for 1 month. I wasn't sure that the program would work for me, but I agreed to try. The plan was easy to follow. The menus provided were easy to prepare and great tasting. I still ate out often and looked for things to order in the restaurants that were similar to the menu for that day. I really liked the supplements. I felt like they gave me energy and made me thirsty so I drank a lot of water. The results I saw made me very happy. **Not only did I lose inches, I also lost 9 lbs during the four week program.

~Heather Letters

I love the positive environment that Troy and his team provide in the group classes. I look forward to my classes every week. I also look forward to the new and exciting routine that Troy designs each month!!!

~Leslie Robey

This is amazing! I had a healthy skepticism with the program, I wasn't negative, I just couldn't believe such a short workout and simple eating plan could produce such amazing results. I love the eating plan - I can eat whatever I want - no limits on what I eat, just how much. I don't have to eliminate my favorite foods or look like I'm dieting when I go to restaurants. It works better than anything I've ever tried and it's a lifestyle change I can live with. My goal was to be able to sit down in these pants – After just 6 workouts over two weeks with Troy Huggett’s Fitness Pros - I NOW have to buy a smaller pair because I can’t walk around in them, I have to keep pulling them up. I was going to wear them and just keep pulling them up, but my husband said no – you can’t do that, you have to go buy a smaller size! I never thought a 6 pound loss could have that dramatic of an impact on pants size! Amazingly Awesome! ~Clare Watson Clare_and_her_pants
Bill_Fishing_-_Before_ Bil_Tammy_Before Tammy_Before
Bill_Tammy_After We began our weight loss journey with Troy in September 2009. Before this we were tired all the time and had no energy to play with our kids. Since then Bill has lost 50 lbs. His bad cholesterol has gone down 27 points and he’s had to buy all new clothes. Tammy has lost 13 lbs. and has gone down a size. Our kids have noticed how much energy we have. And they’ve never seen Bill this skinny. They even w0ant to work out with us too. With watching our calories and going to Troy’s 2x’s a week for 20 minutes it’s given us a whole new lease on life. The best part is doing this together – it makes it so much easier to stick to the plan!!
Lisa_McCulley I have never had a weight problem and considered myself active. I had to have an emergency surgery that required me to be cut all the way across my stomach. I was at home recovering. I bent down like doing a deep knee bend, (because I wasn’t supposed to bend at the waist) to get some ice out of the freezer. My legs couldn’t support me and I collapsed to the floor. My then 14 year old son had to lift me up. I vowed to get in shape and never feel that weak again. I started running regularly. I thought this was going to make me good and strong. Two years of this and I became severely anemic. I couldn’t run or do much of anything for 6 months. I had surgery and was on the mends. Again, I felt so weak and out of shape. My son had been doing personal training with Troy and my daughter wanted to start too. Since I had to drive my daughter and wait for her I thought I would give it a try. I loved it! Three years later, I still love it and I don’t worry about being weak anymore and an added bonus, my clothes fit better! I’m 43 years old and last week had my annual physical. My cholesterol levels were so good my doctor said he wanted to frame them. First thing he asked was if I was still working out with Troy. You betcha! ~Lisa McCulley
  Before THFP Training 305
6 wks after THFP Training 269
In the short time I've been at this I have lost 36 lbs in six weeks following your calorie count diet and exercise program. My cholesterol level has dropped to 135 and my energy level has increased. I've been more active playing with my children, going on bike rides, and swimming in the pool. People who haven't seen me in a while have commented that something looks different about me and that I look 10 YEARS YOUNGER!! This has been great and I truely appreciate all the help and advice you have given me and bringing me back to my old self!
~ Don Marx


I lost 5" (yes that really says 5 inches) off my WAIST in just 8 workouts - SIMPLY AMAZING! The THFP training program is unbelievable.

The THFP Trainers are the best and the motivation they provide kept me on track and helped assure that I got "MAXIMUM RESULTS in MINIMUM TIME" and I'm so glad I did it. I'm a totally new person in just 1 month in just 8 short workouts. It sounds too good to be true, but it works - so much so that I did a second month and lost a total of 25 pounds in 2 months (16 workouts - less than 8 hours of training time). If you want RESULTS - that's what THFP is all about! I love it - it works!

~Beth K.


60 minutes of exercise = 3 1/2 inches off the waist

When Troy said "Maximum Results in Minimum Time" he wasn't kidding!

I needed a little extra kick in the pants and THFP 2 Weeks to a Tighter Tummy provided it!

I did a workout on Mon, Wed & Fri for 2 wks - 6 total workouts with an avg time of 10 minutes per workout and I lost 3 1/2" off my waist. I've never seen anything like it in my life. The workouts aren't easy, but about the time I was ready to complain - it was over.

If you're serious about toning the abs, strengthening the core, tightening the tush and trimming the thighs - commit to the THFP 2 wks to a tighter tummy program - it WORKS!

~Bonnie Rennecker


Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros Program has given me the tools I need for a lifetime full of physical and emotional well-being. Before I began working out at T.H. Fitness Pros, I never thought I could get the body I wanted, and just after a few short weeks I am already seeing results I NEVER have gotten anywhere else.

Troy's program teaches you how a 20 minute workout, 3 times/wk is more beneficial then spending hours a day in a gym, and after seeing the results you won't want to waste your time anywhere else ever again. I am motivated and excited to workout, and you will be too!

~Ashlea Cyr, 21


My experience @ Troy Huggett's Fitness Pros is the best money I've ever spent! I love the program and the staff is incredible! You can't find a more knowledgeable, attentive, and caring staff.

They are concerned about results, but more importantly, they are concerned about their clients! This shines through in everything they do and in the end, guarantees (as Troy likes to say) "Maximum Results in Minimum Time"

Thanks, Troy!

~ Melinda Robbins


After a year of working out 5 days a week for several hours at a time and seeing no results, I went to Troy Huggett's Fitness Pro's. There I started working out 2 times a week for ½ hour each time. Within the first 3 months I started losing weight and inches, results I had not experienced previously.

I then started seeing even more dramatic results when I incorporated Troy's nutritional philosophy into my everyday life. These things in addition to the encouragement and challenges I receive from Troy have gotten me in the best shape of my life.

~Stacy Thorndyke


Marty Stilwell:

You couldn’t ask for a better motivator than Troy!

His program is sound, easy to follow and works! In eight weeks, I lost ten pounds and 12.75 inches.

I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle and continuing to follow the Fitness Pro plan.


When I started doing personal fitness training with Troy 3½ years ago I planned to spend a few months at it and ease into something else, but I’ve never quit because I continue to have much more flexibility, better muscle tone, and great stamina. My blood pressure dropped more than 20 points from 142 / 77 to 120 / 70. My cholesterol total dropped from 199 to 176, and I’ve maintained a positive bone density. The regularly changing personal training workouts keep my interest. They’ve helped me increase my upper body strength, and I feel great. I’d never be able to do this on my own.

~JoAnne Miller
Homer, Michigan


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