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Nautilus Training Principles?


Troy Huggett’s Fitness Pros believes and teaches the Nautilus Principles of strength training.  We feel that the Nautilus Training Principles are the most effective, most efficient, and the most safe of any exercise method.  Below is a summary of the Nautilus Training Principles and a basic version of the protocol we follow at TH Fitness Pros.


• Perform one set of 4-6 exercises for the lower body, 6-8 exercises for the upper body, and no more than 12 machines in any single workout.

• Select a resistance on each exercise that allows you to do approximately 8-12 repetitions in proper form, through the full range of motion. (8 repetitions or less means the resistance is too heavy; 12 repetitions or more means the resistance is too light)


• Continue each exercise until no additional repetitions are possible in good form (15 repetitions maximum).  When 12 or more repetitions are performed properly for 2 consecutive workouts, increase the resistance by approximately 5% at the next workout. (Men: 5-10 lbs., Women 2.5-5 lbs.)


•Make certain that the rotational axis of the cam of all rotary exercises is in line with the joint axis of the body part that is worked.


•Position the body in a straight aligned manner.  Avoid twisting or shifting your weight during movement.  Use the safety belts when provided with certain machines.


•Maintain a loose, comfortable grip.  Squeezing the handgrips results in elevated blood pressure.


•Work the largest muscle groups first, then proceed to the smaller. (Legs, Back & Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abdomen)


•Use the following count: 4 second lifting motion and 4 second lowering motion.


•Use full range of motion on each machine to develop full-range strength and flexibility.  Concentrate on flexibility by slowly stretching during the first three repetitions.


•Breathe normally.  Do not try to hold your breath while training.


•Move slower, never faster, if in doubt about the speed of movement.  Do not sacrifice form for speed.


•Rest a minimum of 48 hours and not more than 96 hours between successive workouts.


•Help the TH Fitness Pros staff get you the best results possible by communicating with the staff frequently, and get evaluations performed regularly.

•Our staff will vary the workouts often. We’ll teach you how to use other machines to continue your progress.


*Click the link below for an in depth article on the work of Arthur Jones, founder and retired Chairman of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries and MedX Corporation.  Jones' Nautilus Principles are strongly supported by the peer-reviewed scientific literature contained in the link below.

Nautilus Bulletin

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